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Dunno if my friends know this or not :-D, but I'm working on an awesome event called Westercon 66 (yes there's a page on FB, as well as our main site at www.westercon66.org). I'm the lead marcom and pubs guy.

Westercon is a general sf con. It used to be a big deal, kind've an alternative to Worldcon for those years one couldn't go (which was most years IME), at least for west coasters. It's popularity has slid a bit, but we are bringing it all BACK!

General science fiction/fantasy cons are where it all started... gaming, science fiction costuming, even furries. That is, sf cons are where all we nerds first gathered together. Later groups grew enough to split off to their own events, but it's still awesome to be in the bubbling energy of everyone together.

We go to panels by authors we love, play silly games like Match Game, eat ice cream, dance and sing, sit and smoke, party in rooms, in elevators, in lobbies and hallways as well as in the bar, discuss philosophy, sleep on the floor or in a king-sized bed, sleep with new friends, get to chat with those authors, work on our art and stories, put out fanzines, eat at odd hours with new soul mates, do what we love... all with like-minded folk.

I've been going to cons since I was 14. If you've ever thought about checking one out, I invite you to come along!

And, for my Santa Barbara gang, don't forget the Santa Barbara Science Fiction Alliance will be having a reunion there!
Tags: cons, westercon66

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